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Remove, rebuild, and replenish. By implementing these three steps, we have built each complementary face care product to restore healthy, glowing skin. But, how does the process work? It begins by understanding the efficacy of TriHex Technology® in our face products.

TriHex Technology® supports the removal of aged, damaged elastin and collagen to help kick-start the skin’s natural rejuvenation process. At this initial stage, the skin barrier may be damaged, the surface looks dry and dull, or wrinkles and fine lines are most apparent. After creating an optimal skin environment, TriHex Technology® helps skin cells rebuild new elastin and collagen to provide visible changes at the surface level. In this stage, one can expect a smoother skin texture, a stronger barrier of fresh skin cells to protect against future damage, and an improved appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and thin skin. With daily use, TriHex Technology® helps replenish new, healthy elastin and collagen as well as continue clearing damaged fragments of dead skin cells in order to maintain healthy skin from the inside out. Incorporating face care products into your skin care routine that follow a remove, rebuild, and replenish process can help maintain glowing skin and a more youthful appearance.

A fundamental part of achieving beautiful skin is establishing a skin care regimen that covers all the bases. To make it simple, our team at ALASTIN curated a line of ultra hydrating face care products to set you up for success. Formulated for every skin type, the collection includes all of the necessities from a gentle cleanser, antioxidant serum, and sunscreen to an intensive eye cream, retinol serum, and hydrating moisturizer. Whether you have dry, combination, oily, acne prone, or aging skin, our collection of face care products using TriHex Technology® addresses a variety of skin problems and skin concerns.

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