Skin Tightening

Devices: Ultrasound, Laser, Radiofrequency

Typically, non-surgical skin tightening procedures work by using targeted energy to heat deeper layers of skin, stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin, resulting in a gradual improvement in skin tone and texture. There are a number of skin tightening treatments and technologies available to achieve desired results; laser energy, radiofrequency energy, ultrasound energy, or a combination of the above.  The number of treatments needed varies from device, energy source, location, and individual patient needs.  Non-surgical skin tightening may be a great option for you if you have mild to moderate loose skin on the face, neck, chest, arms or abdomen. The downtime is shorter with non-invasive procedures, and while results can be seen with one treatment, multiple sessions are usually needed.


  • Non-invasively tightens mild to moderately loose skin on the face, neck or body with very little downtime.  

Ultrasound skin tightening. Ultrasound energy bypasses the uppermost skin layers to heat deeper tissue which induces collagen production to firm and tone the treatment area.  One treatment is usually sufficient for mild to moderate skin laxity.  However, some people need three or more sessions to achieve the desired goal.  

Radiofrequency (RF) treatment: Radiofrequency is a type of energy, which is measured in “frequency,” or wavelengths per second. Like any form of energy, RF has the capacity to produce heat which can be used to trigger collagen production in skin.  RF focuses on collagen in the dermis to achieve a firmer, smoother appearance.  

IPL/RF combination treatments A third class of skin tightening treatments combine intense pulsed light (IPL) with radiofrequency (RF) to heat deeper layers of skin and induce the natural healing response, which in turn triggers collagen production. The addition of IPL allows a provider to treat skin at multiple levels and can help focus the RF energy for more effective treatment. 

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