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ALASTIN Skincare® partners with select healthcare professionals and skin care specialists to provide innovative products to optimize their aesthetic practice and patient experience. We value these partnerships and vow to continue to support them with products that are clearly differentiated, scientifically proven and clinically-tested to help regenerate, protect, and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime.

How TriHex Technology® Works

Whether targeting procedure optimization or daily skin rejuvenation, TriHex Technology® produces meaningful changes in the skin.

ALASTIN Skin Nectar® with TriHex Technology®

The ALASTIN Skincare® Procedure Enhancement Systems's flagship product, ALASTIN Skin Nectar® with TriHex Technology®, has been formulated to penetrate the skin, mobilize the fibroblast cells that generate collagen and elastin, rebuild the supportive collagen-elastin matrix, and restore skin circulation. As seen below, the product works with the skin’s natural regeneration processes and assists in improving skin tone and elasticity. While other skincare products typically cause stinging and irritation after a procedure, ALASTIN Skin Nectar® is formulated with specific ingredients enabling it to be applied immediately post-procedure, providing a soothing effect while allowing for faster recovery and an enhanced outcome.

ALASTIN Skin Nectar® and TriHex Technology ® Penetration

TriHex Technology® peptides are modified with a lipid carrier for skin penetration. Special peptides have an affinity to bind with copper, which allows for greater cell penetration.

ALASTIN Skincare® develops innovative, scientifically tested and physician prescribed skin care products that correct, protect, and maintain healthy skin.

Our unparalleled Procedure Enhancement System and our Restore & Renew daily skincare line are formulated with a proprietary combination of key peptides and other synergistic ingredients using the latest technology. They are clinically tested to demonstrate their ability to help reawaken the skin's youthful regenerating processes.

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