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Top Beauty Influencers to Follow on Instagram | ALASTIN Skincare

Beauty Influencers with the Best Makeup & Skincare Tips & Advice

It’s no surprise that there has been a huge swing in who we look to for beauty advice in the last decade due to social media. Those who came before us typically asked their mom, a close circle of friends, or even read the glossiest magazine flaunting the prettiest face for the best beauty advice. And we’re not here to say that those aren’t still great sources to look to for helpful health, beauty, and life tips and advice!

But in 2019, there’s a whole new source of experts you can call upon for beauty tips and tricks, and it’s likely in the palm of your hand. The “social media influencer” is essentially someone who has established credibility and has grown a large audience of followers on social media. In most cases, influencers leverage platforms like YouTube and Instagram to reach their audiences, frankly, we’re here for it! 

Never have we ever had such a large and diverse range of experts to look to for beauty advice. While these are not necessarily men and women that use our products (yet!), they are some of the most influential people on Instagram that you may want to follow for great tips on beauty, makeup, skincare, hair, health, and even fashion.

So what do you say - let’s do it for the ‘gram!

...well, these people do, here’s who we’re following on Instagram:

Beauty, Skincare, &  Makeup Influencers to Follow on Instagram

When it comes to how to shape the perfect brow, which skincare procedures to try for glowing skin, tips for achieving the perfect beach waves, and which is the best eye cream, these ladies can tell you the skinny.

Follow these social media influencers for the best beauty tips on Instagram!


Tati Westbrook, @glamlifeguru | ALASTIN Skincare

Tati Westbrook, @glamlifeguru, 3M Followers

Naomi Giannopoulos, @vegas_nay | ALASTIN Skincare

Naomi Giannopoulos, @vegas_nay, 7M Followers

Monica Veloz, @monicastylemuse | ALASTIN Skincare

Monica Veloz, @monicastylemuse, 323K Followers

Em Ford, @mypaleskinblog | ALASTIN Skincare

Em Ford, @mypaleskinblog, 886K Followers

Liza Lash, @liza_lash | ALASTIN Skincare

Liza Lash, @liza_lash, 520K Followers

Kandee Johnson, @kandeejohnson | ALASTIN Skincare

Kandee Johnson, @kandeejohnson, 1.9M Followers

Influencers to Follow for Tips on Family, Lifestyle, Travel, & Healthy Living

And we know it’s not just about beautiful skin and healthy hair; we want to achieve our healthiest selves - both inside and out! These influencers offer great tips for relationships, kids, exercise, nutrition, travel, and fashion.

Whitney Simmons, @whitneyysimmons

Whitney Simmons, @whitneyysimmons, 2.6M Followers

Amber Clark, @amberfillerup | ALASTIN Skincare

Amber Clark, @amberfillerup, 1.4M Followers

Cara Loren Van Brocklin, @caraloren | ALASTIN Skincare

Cara Loren Van Brocklin, @caraloren, 975K Followers

Rach Parcell, @rachparcell | ALASTIN Skincare

Rach Parcell, @rachparcell, 1M Followers

Shayla Mitchell, @makeupshayla | ALASTIN Skincare

Shayla Mitchell, @makeupshayla, 2.8M Followers

Victoria Magrath, @inthefrow

Victoria Magrath, @inthefrow, 851K Followers

Marianna Hewitt, @marianna_hewitt | ALASTIN Skincare

Marianna Hewitt, @marianna_hewitt, 900K Followers

Genelle Seldon, @genelleseldon | ALASTIN Skincare

Genelle Seldon, @genelleseldon, 390K Followers

If you’re loving this list, and want a few more influencers to follow on Instagram, check out:

Tell us on our Instagram, where do you go for expert beauty, skin, and lifestyle advice?

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