A Skin Tightening Cream That Can Help Improve Texture and Firmness

"Specially made to use after fat-reduction or skin-tightening treatments, this unique formulation can help the body remove post-procedure fat debris. It also supports collagen and elastin production, for firmer, smoother skin, even when used alone."

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, there is no cream out there that will instantly slim and tone you; good ol' fashioned diet and exercise are always the way to go. That being said, there are now more fat-reducing and skin-tightening in-office procedures available than ever before. These various energy-based therapies utilize everything from heat to cold to ultrasonic waves to break up fat and/or tighten skin, making them a good option for stubborn trouble spots. Consider this Alastin Transform Body Treatment ($195) the perfect at-home topical complement to those in-office treatments.

Once any of the treatments breaks down fat, the fat is then pushed into your bloodstream and naturally eliminated (not the most appealing visual, but that’s what happens). Unlike your other, run-of-the-mill firming body creams, this one features a unique LipoDRONE delivery system. No, that’s not the latest addition to Amazon Prime, it’s a technology that specially targets the fat layers in the skin, speeding along the body’s natural removal process of all the fat debris left over after any of those said treatments.

But it doesn’t stop there. This formula also contains TriHex technology to support the production of both collagen and elastin, the proteins responsible for keeping skin firm, supple, elastic, and smooth. AKA this cream also improves the texture, firmness, and crepiness of your skin…whether or not you also had an in-office procedure. So, really, anyone can benefit from it.

I myself did not have any type of fat-reducing procedure before trying this, but I still slathered it along my upper thighs and around my knees (don’t ask, my knee skin is starting to look saggy!) with reckless abandon. The first thing I noticed was the texture. Unlike many other body creams (especially firming formulas) I’ve tried, this one is much more lightweight, and noticeably less goopy, greasy, and sticky. I normally reserve these types of products for nighttime use only for that very reason, but this absorbed so quickly that I even started using it in the morning, too. It truly feels more like a moisturizer made for face than body; to that point, my one qualm was that I wanted more come out with each pump of the bottle. And hey, it might have been my imagination, but even after a few days of regular use, I thought my skin looked slightly firmer, and definitely better in general. While this won’t replace my healthy diet and exercise plan, it's definitely the latest addition in my quest for firmer skin.

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