Elastin and Collagen: The Wonder Twins of Natural Beauty

A quick look at 60-year-old bombshells Geena Davis, Tina Turner, Susan Sarandon and Goldie Hawn make it clear than our senior years don’t have to resemble our grandmother’s.

Of course, we all know these stars have the budget and the access to the best skincare(and cosmetic surgeons). Don’t assume, however that only these women can receive the finest “collagen” and “elastin” treatments.

The good news is that you and every one of your friends has access to top beauty technology. The finest source of collagen and elastin lies right within your own skin, and you can work with your skin’s natural healing process to bring tone and elasticity back, no matter your age. First, it’s important to understand how skin works and how it becomes saggy, sallow and worn.

The Skin’s Wondrous Inner Engine

You’ve probably already heard that our skin is our largest organ. Like the brain, liver, and other important organs, it performs important, specific tasks that keep the whole body healthy. Skin protects delicate inner organs and muscles from viral and bacterial infection. It also removes invading organisms through sweat and cell shedding. (For example, peeling skin after a sunburn is the body’s fast-acting way of removing irradiated cells that could become cancerous and spread to deeper layers.)

Skin production begins while a fetus lives in its mother’s womb. Proteins including elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid bundle, forming a mesh-like sheath, the skin. Interestingly, the fetus in the first and second trimester has the ability to recover from a skin injury perfectly scar-free. This is the magic of elastin. The skin acts as an elastin and collagen factory covering the body until the baby is born and reaches three months of age. At that time, the body dials down elastin and collagen production. This “down-regulation” continues throughout life until middle-age when the body stops producing most elastin and collagen all together. Now, skin can’t heal as quickly. It loses its tone and wrinkles form.

Must we accept this physiological shut-down, decreed without our express consent? We say no.

Alastin’s scientists have created TriHex Technologywhich stimulates the skin to produce elastin and collagen. Alastin products prompt the body to create its very own ideal skin treatment. Collagen and elastin work together to reweave the skin’s structure, reinvigorating tone, flexibility, health and healing. Its high anti-oxidant activity also reduces inflammation and irritation, promoting healing.

The Effects of Diminished Collagen and Elastin

Hard-wired elastin and collagen-production shut down at middle age combined with lifelong sun damage to diminish the skin’s flexibility and tone. Middle aged and older adults cannot generate new elastin or collagen to repair damaged skin and so it hangs rather than snapping back as it did in youth.

Why Collagen and Elastin Together?

Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein. Like a “cellular glue”, it keeps tissues strong and gives them their shape. Elastin is also a protein but it has the peculiar characteristic of elasticity, allowing the cell to snap back together. Collagen provides plumpness and smoothness to the skin,  where elastin provides the ability for everything to stay where it should and not sag. Collagen has strong fibers; elastin stretchy ones.

The Foods that Help Your Body Refresh Your Skin

Topical formulas that reach even the inner layers of the skin provide important stimulation to collagen and elastin production. Why not support this function by providing the workers on the line in the factory with the most nutritious food?

Choosing appropriate foods help elastin and collagen production as much as possible.

First, the body needs sufficient vitamin C to make collagen and elastin. Citrus, like oranges and grapefruit, deliver lots of vitamin C to the body, as do red peppers, strawberries and sweet potatoes.

Lysine is an amino acid used to build collagen. It’s “essential,” meaning that while it’s needed, the body doesn’t produce it on its own. Because high lysine products can also be high fat (cheese, red meat and nuts), nutritionists recommend soy products which are abundant in lysine but lower in fat.

The minerals manganese and copper also support skin cells. Pineapples whole grains and leafy greens contain abundant manganese. Shellfish, nuts, seeds and lentils have the copper component.

Elastin and Collagen Support Before and After Cosmetic Surgery

While surgery stresses the skin, having the healthiest skin before the procedure boosts the possibility of the best results. Consult with your doctor about how to treat your skin starting 30 days or more before your procedure. After the procedure, the skin needs as much gentle, supportive treatment as you probably do!  Do not expect to return to your normal outdoor, sun-exposed activities for a while. Budget time in the day to pamper the skin however your doctor recommends. Rest and relaxation during recovery, along with proper nutrition will help the body’s systems heal. Once you’ve recovered, continue to maintain your skin’s health proactively. Cosmetic surgeons relate that their patients leave their care with new respect for all the skin endures and what it takes to keep it in prime shape.

Movie Star Skin Lies Within You!

Our very own bodies produced our 20-year-old beauty and it can be stimulated to get nearer to those levels again. Movie stars are paid to be gorgeous, but that doesn’t mean they get all the tricks, serums and secrets.  Stimulate your own natural rejuventative processes to boost your beauty inside and out.

Alastin Skincare™ develops the most innovative, clinically-tested skincare products that protect, correct and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime.  If you have any questions about our products, feel free to call us at 1-844-SKIN (1-844-858-7546) or write a message for us here.

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